How do we create an environment where Nurses are engaged in ongoing training?

Opportunity knocked about an education program that was being provided to our Theatre Nurses. Engagement with the program is quite low and we wanted to know what was stopping Nurses from participating and what we could offer to them.

  • Interviewed the hospital educators about the Scrub Club and realised they were gatekeepers to the information being given to nurses
  • Organised a design thinking exercise where we went to hospitals and got nurses to participate in identifying what their personal barriers and motivators were for completing their education requirement
  • Used an empathy map to talk about their ideal education scenario

Two hospitals have completed the exercise so far with another two hospitals to run, hesitant to get involved at first but then start to open up by the end.

Next Steps

Will be organising a co-design workshop with educators and nurses to design the education day once we’ve identified the common themes between the hospital.



  • Group facilitation
  • Design thinking workshops
  • User testing
  • Stakeholder management
  • Interviews